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Berlin: DMY International Design Festival 2016

June 02, 2016 @ Kraftwerk Berlin in Berlin.


With the motto Odyssey 2016, the DMY International Design Festival Berlin will open its doors from June 2 – June 5, 2016 at Kraftwerk Berlin.

In the 14th year of its existence, the DMY-festival invites exhibitors from all design disciplines to participate. The range of disciplines on show will include product and industrial design, fashion and graphic design, as well as communication and digital design. The aim is to make the DMY Festival a central hub for the different design sectors thus underlining the claim to be the most important young design event with an international orientation in Germany. Like no other festival in Germany, the DMY Festival gathers stakeholders from the creative industries, players from research and education, journalists as well as design fans from all over the world who for four days indulge in their mutual passion for design.

True to the festival-motto, Odyssey 2016, a special focus of the festival organizers will this year be on the current phases and contemporary trends in design. The lines between the various design disciplines have become increasingly blurred. A certain loss of orientation can be observed in the precipitance of the creative scene to fluctuate between the design branches, in both the digital and analogue form. What is or is still not architecture? Where can one draw the line between interior design and
product apps? Is design able to build a bridge between the digital and the analogue world? Who is designing the future of whom?

In performances, open talks, workshops and symposia, the odyssey as a process of transformation will be investigated.

The DMY-Festival is very happy to once again be able to kick off the New Talents Competition in collaboration with the IKEA Foundation. In this competition, 25 new talents can win an exhibition space free of charge. The aim of the competition is to give young designers the opportunity to present their experimental and often research-based projects to a broader public in an adequate context.

In line with last year´s Berliner Zimmer, the DMY Festival is presenting the Berlin Design Expo, a special exhibition within the framework of the festival.

More infos coming SOON!!

Address: Köpenicker Straße 70, Berlin
DMY International Design Festival 2016

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