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Berlin: Yachag Ancestral Healing Zeremony

March 17, 2017 @ Berlin, Germany in Berlin.


Dear friends,
With pleasure, we like to invite you for a day or weekend retreat with Muñoz Macanilla Isaias (Taita Isaiah).

He is an Authority and traditional medicine-man of the Kichwa people of the Colombian Amazon, he was born on the border between the region of Putumayo and Amazonas. From the father’s side, he is a descendant of a family of healers and wise-men Uitoto Muruy from La Chorrera, From the mother’s side, he is a descendant of a traditional Kichwa family of the Napo River region, Ecuador, also a family of wise-men, who escaped slavery at the time of the Caucheras.

He is heir to a lineage of great wise-men, and since childhood, he became interested in learning the ways of healing of his ancestors, and he has spent much of his life learning traditional indigenous medicine. As a guardian of the sacred ceremony of Yagé and the old songs of healing, he knows medicine from plants and animals of the jungle.

March 17th – 19th & May 5th – 7th, 2017
130 Euros per night.
Weekend, 2 nights 250 Euros

Please reserve your spot to:

We have a limited amount of places for the ceremony. Therefore to reserve your place there will be a deadline for reservation with 50% of the total fee before 10 March. Please reserve with a full name, address, phone number and day or weekend you can. It helps to list of the organization. For any private question go to the same email address.

The price covers food, drinks, the wood for the fire, space and other logistic organization stuff. The night takes place in a beautiful landscape of Brandenburg. We prepare a good morning breakfast, in case you stay two nights some light food on the day, fruits and some vegetables. If you like to bring something to share is also welcome. Feel free.


More about Isaiah,

Taita Isaiah has also developed a mission in the field of indigenous organizations: he has since a young age served as governor in his community, subsequently joining the ACILAPP (Association of Traditional Authorities and Councils of Indigenous Peoples from the Municipality of Leguízamo and Alto Resguardo Predio Putumayo). He has also served as spiritual advisor to the OZIP (Indigenous Organization Putumayo), and as a traditional authority for the six provinces of the Amazon region through the OPIAC (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon).

For the past ten years, he has focused his leadership toward the cultural restitution of the Kichwa people of the Amazon, has gained recognition of 19 Kichwa communities that were previously grouped under the ethnicon, Inga. This process of self-recognition and restitution has been led by Taita Isaiah and by other authorities through the APKAC (Association of traditional Authorities of Kichwa people of the Colombian Amazon) which is part of the council of elders. Taita Isaiah has also collaborated with the APKAC leading various educational, social and community projects such as the structuring of the Plan of safeguarding the Kichwa ethnic group and the historic Kichwa village, historic evaluation of the Kichwa people among others.

Yachag Ancestral Healing Zeremony

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