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Grafenwöhr: Grafenwoehr Main Store 2015 Annual Inventory Closure

January 26, 2016 @ Grafenwoehr PX in Grafenwöhr.

In January 2016, the Exchange will be conducting their 2015 Annual Inventory. We have to close our main facilities for one day at the following locations and early closing of one Express.
10 Jan – Hohenfels Retail/PXtra and Military Clothing: Closed,
12 Jan – WH Express: Close at 7 pm (2 hrs. Early),
20 Jan – Tower Barracks Express: Close at 10 pm (2 hrs. Early),
23 Jan – Rose Barracks PXtra: Closed
26 Jan – Tower Barracks Main Store: Closed….All facilities will be open regular hours the next business day.

Address: Bldg 700, Grafenwöhr
Grafenwoehr Main Store 2015 Annual Inventory Closure

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