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Heidelberg: EMBO Conference: The Nucleosome: From Atoms to Genomes

August 30, 2017 @ EMBL Events in Heidelberg.


The nucleosome is the fundamental building block of chromatin organisation and genome function. The 20th anniversary of the high resolution nucleosome structure marks a milestone for bringing together leading researchers to update progress and identify opportunities for an integrated understanding of the role of the nucleosome in chromatin function.
The aim of this conference is to integrate and extend understanding of the links between nucleosome structural properties and the functional roles of chromatin. This will enable new insights into the relationship between atomic details and genome-wide behaviour at the heart of the highly conserved histone-based packaging of eukaryotic genomes.

Address: Meyerhofstr. 1, Heidelberg
EMBO Conference: The Nucleosome: From Atoms to Genomes

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