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Kiel: Moriah Woods (USA) im Prinz Willy

January 14, 2016 @ Cafe Prinz Willy in Kiel.

1,50 Euro. Für die Musiker gehen wir mit dem Hut rum.
Growing up in the mountains and desert planes of Montana and Colorado gave Moriah Woods the folk foundation which can be heard strongly within her music today. Classically trained, with prompt from her violinist mother, at the age of 5 and alternatively musically inspired by her father, by means of, acoustic jam sessions in the living room, Moriah’s childhood was a musical play ground ranging from Mozart to metal. Her youth was also that which we could call a perfect recipe to provoke future poetic grief and pain. With a life changing move from Montana to Colorado at the age of 14, Moriah stopped playing music. At this time she relied only on listening. The sounds of symphonic metal, punk rock and electronic music were healing elements, however she never stopped creating as she continued to draw, write and compose music electronically.

At 19 Moriah wrote her first song, after first hearing ‘Our Mother the Mountain’ by Towns Van Zandt. From then on, with rawness and truth her story and inner-workings are told through bitter-sweet melodies and melancholy tones.

At the age of 24 Moriah was invited by an old friend, to travel to Poland. With a lust for travel, as she did so extensively through the USA after high-school by means of thumb, Moriah quit her job in southern Colorado, recorded her first album in her bedroom, and headed to Europe. The purpose wasn’t based on music, but with a need to play, she played and gained friends and fans over the first 3 months. At this time moriah decided to move to poland.

Since then Moriah has played every major city in Poland, traveled to 7 different European countries, founded the band ‘The Feral Trees’ with 3 other Polish musician’s and released their debuit album. (Quoted as: “A Candidate for Album Of The Year In Poland” by Głos Kultury)They had the opportunity to perform at Open’er Festival in Gdynia and Sziget Festival in Budapest 2015.
Moriah’s music is a joyous melancholy tune which, on some level, resonates within all of us.



Address: Lutherstr. 9, Kiel
Moriah Woods (USA) im Prinz Willy

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