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Klein Jasedow: Modul 5 – The Ligamentous System

May 09, 2018 @ Klein Jasedow, Germany in Klein Jasedow.


The ligaments set the boundaries of movement between the bones. They coordinate and guide muscular responses by directing the path of movement between the bones and provide specificity, clarity, and efficiency for the alignment and movement of the bones. When all of the ligaments of a joint are actively engaged, the movement of that joint becomes highly specific and is carried effortlessly to surrounding and successive joints. The ligaments support the psychophysical quality of detailed specificity. This course will include:
Initiating movement from the ligaments.
– Facilitating freedom, resilience, strength and integration of the ligaments through touch and repatterning.
– Releasing ligaments from the restrictions of surrounding tissues.
– Integrating ligaments into their corresponding fascial planes.
7 days; 49 contact hours

Modul 5 - The Ligamentous System

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