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Potsdam: 8 keys of Bodymindintelligence

October 06, 2017 @ Potsdam, Germany in Potsdam.


The courses in Bodymindintelligence are a true empowerment for the participants since it helps them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and healing power.

Ulrich combines more than 30 years of research and experience in the field of bodymind therapy.

You want to regain a sense of inner balance and wellbeing?
You have chronic neck- and back pains, psychosomatic problems, pent up emotions and you want to how to let go of them?

Learn how BODYMINDINTELLIGENCE can help you to elevate these problems and to balance your energies.

In this very practical training we will teach some of the most effective techniques we found to relieve chronic tensions, psychosomatic issues, stuck emotions and to rebalance our energy system.

The training includes:
Basic techniques of bodymind therapy, such as working with body awareness, bodylanguage, expression, breathing, voice…
Principles of the segmental neo-reichian therapy approach. Work with ‘muscular armoring’ and emotional release
An introduction to Taoist philosophy, Chinese medicine and the meridians
Working with the “Wood element” of Chinese medicine: the meridians of Liver and Gallbladder and their physical, energetic and emotional implications, like ease of affirmation or control and anger; physically: headaches, shoulder problems general stiffness, Pms and certain sleeping disorders
Basic counseling skills in bodymind work
Meditation and Qi Gong exercises

You will learn:
The art and psychology of touch
The effectiveness of bodymind and energy work
To connect with the heart and develop your intuition
Taoist philosophy. The theory of the five elements according to Chinese medicine.
Taoist – and Jin Shin acupressure, Zen shiatsu and meridian massage to release physical and emotional tensions and to balance the bodymind..

You will be able to alleviate certain problems like:
Sore back, neck and head, gastrointestinal upset, nervousness, etc and get a better understanding and managing of emotional and psychosomatic problems such as anxiety, anger, sadness etc.

We will put an emphasis on hands-on practice, so that you can appreciate the effectiveness of their work right from the start.

The Basic training is complete in itself.
For testemonials, articles, videos please see ULrich’s website at www.http://bodymindintelligence.com/index.php

For all the informations about the professional training please see under http://bodymindintelligence.com/index.php/professional-training
This training is for lay people as for professionals in the health and educational sector who look for effective transformational tools, health, healing and training.

For more informations and inscriptions please contact Ulrich Freitag at ufreitag05@gmail.com

The 5 day Basic Course is held in the countryside.
Cost for food and lodging ca 30E per day
For the training 650 E; 500E with early inscription
For more info also about he whole professional training please look at

8 keys of Bodymindintelligence

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